Rosie O’Donnell is on the warpath, and she’s taking revenge on a long list of Hollywood enemies!

The freshly liberated lesbian made headlines recently when she blasted a half-dozen of Hollywood’s top stars during what was supposed to be a stand-up comedy routine.

Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Liza Minnelli, Sharon Stone, Joan Rivers and Anne Heche all took nasty, jaw-dropping insults from Rosie.

Now, The ENQUIRER has uncovered the reason Rosie blasted each of them, and the long-running feuds that fueled her anger.

“She couldn’t do this before because she wouldn’t be able to book guests for her talk show,” said a source close to Rosie. “But now that she’s quit her show, Rosie doesn’t have to be the ‘Queen of Nice’ anymore.

“She doesn’t have to hold her tongue and she’s getting revenge on her enemies.”

In her first stand-up show in more than six years, Rosie told a shocked audience at the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, Conn: “I can say what I want. The bitch ain’t so nice anymore.”

Then she proceeded to blast her enemies — and Bill Clinton was No. 1 on her hit list.

“He’s here last night and his security guy comes over and says, ‘Bill Clinton would like to speak with you,’ ” she told the audience. “I said, ‘I’m real busy.’

“Because I don’t want to speak with him. If I did I’d say, ‘You really pissed me off. Because you said to my face, “I did not have sex with that woman.” She’s 22 years old. You put the big scarlet letter on her soul for the rest of her life. And you want to make nice?’

“He disgusts me.”

Rosie’s anger with Bill has to do with her friendship with Hillary, a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Rosie had been feuding with Hillary and felt guilty about it, but they made up,” the source said. “But Rosie can’t forgive Bill for all the pain he caused Hillary by cheating on her.”

Angry Rosie beat up on Oprah for missing her performance, saying: “She didn’t come. She was busy. She was home counting her money.”

Said the source: “A few years ago Rosie asked Oprah to contribute to a charity that Rosie supports and she refused. Rosie thinks Oprah is cheap.”

Joan Rivers, who has appeared as a guest on Rosie’s TV show, also took a nasty hit.

Referring to Joan’s plastic surgery, Rosie blasted: “She now looks like an alien — fact! She looks weird. I am not willing to pretend I don’t see it anymore. I don’t want to be her friend. I thought she was mean for years.”

Some years ago, acid-tongued Joan commented that Rosie “looked like the man” the way she was dressed, said the source. “Rosie never forgave her. She gave Joan a dose of her own medicine.”

Rosie certainly didn’t help Liza Minnelli in her battle against rumors that her new husband David Gest is gay. Rosie called Liza’s wedding “the gayest thing since my last show.”

She said she saw Michael Jackson at the wedding but refused to speak to him. “I make it a rule not to speak to pedophiles,” she said. When the stunned audience gasped, Rosie chided them, “Oh, come on. I think you know that kid was probably telling the truth or else Michael wouldn’t have paid him off. He’s a freak.

“And I don’t mean that in a nice way.”

The source said Rosie has hated Jackson since a scandal in 1994 when the pop star paid $40 million to a boy who claimed Jackson had molested him.

“She thinks he should be behind bars — not raising two children. Say what you want about Rosie, but she truly loves children and she thinks Michael Jackson is a sicko.”

Rosie also made fun of Anne Heche for denying she was a lesbian despite her long affair with Ellen DeGeneres.

“Rosie is getting back at Anne,” explained the source. “When Anne was with Ellen, Anne made a nasty comment about the fact that Rosie was in the closet. Rosie never forgot it.”

Sharon Stone also received a Rosie rivet for a bizarre appearance at an AIDS benefit a few years ago in which she recited the entire lyrics of a John Lennon song.

Said the source, “Rosie’s always thought Sharon Stone was a nut, an over-the-top wacko.”

Those close to Rosie say that coming out as a lesbian has transformed the former talk show host and triggered her war against Hollywood.

“Before she was afraid that if she said anything mean, she would risk being outed,” said the source.

“Now she figures she doesn’t have anything to hide anymore. She’s free to speak.

“We’re seeing the real Rosie — and she’s angry.”

Rosie offers a different explanation for her new nastiness.

“It’s about honesty,” Rosie said.

“I can’t stand not telling the truth.”