Rosie O’Donnell and long time lover  have split up. The ENQUIRER reports exclusively.

Kelli, 42, moved out of their home months ago, and now lives with the couple’s youngest daughter in a luxury high-rise Manhattan condo that she bought in her own name, sources say.

Rosie, 47, is "despondent" over the breakup, according to a close source, and is living with the couple’st hree adopted children at their longtime residence in Nyack, N.Y.

The couple – who legally wed in San Francisco in 2004 – have no immediate plans to make the separation official, but they’ve worked out a temporary custody arrangement for their children and are already divvying up their finances, the source said.

"Kelli needs a breather from Rosie right now, and whether she’ll make their split permanent remains to be seen," the close source told The ENQUIRER. "The fact is that Kelli has felt suffocated in the relationship for a long time. She loves Rosie, but she can no longer cope with her unpredictable mood swings and deep depressions.

"While they’ll continue to see each other for the children’s sake, Kelli has found it best to sleep in a condo that she bought recently. She’s even dubbed the condo her ‘Rosie-free zone.’"

Kelli, an attractive former TV executive with Nickelodeon, began dating Rosie in late 1997. Since they’ve been together, the talented comic has walked away from her own talk show, her magazine Rosie and a hosting gig on The View.

Rosie has also admitted to having obsessive-compulsive disorder and ADD – and Kelli blamed Rosie’s mood swings for their split when she broke the news to friends at a party recently.

"Kelli didn’t hold back about Rosie’s temperament and her being an overbearing partner to live with," said a source who attended the party.

"Kelli didn’t want to walk out on her, but said she had to do what was best for her.