Roseanne‘s little girl is a mommy! And so is her live-in girlfriend!

Sara Gilbert — who played smart-mouthed daughter Darlene on the hit series “Roseanne” — has just become the proud parent of a baby boy with her lesbian live-in lover Allison Adler.

“Sara and Allie are ecstatic about their beautiful new son,” a close pal of the star told The ENQUIRER.

“Allie gave birth, via a sperm donor, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at the end of October.

“The entire Gilbert family was thrilled with the news that Allie delivered a healthy baby boy — especially Sara’ sister Melissa, who is ecstatic over being an aunt.

“And Sara’s TV mom Roseanne was so happy she sent over a boatload of baby gifts.

“Sara was a nervous wreck waiting for the baby to be born, but now that he is healthy and nestled in the nursery of her Hollywood Hills home, she’s finally calmed down.

“Close friends Ellen DeGeneres and Melissa Etheridge have already been by to see the baby.

“And Ellen has said that she wants to have a baby with her longtime companion Alexandra Hedison more than ever, now that she’s seen Sara and Allie’s little one.

Sara, 29, most recently appeared in two episodes of the long-running NBC medical drama “ER.” The actress and life partner Allison, who has written for a number of TV series, also appeared together in an L.A. stage presentation.

“Sara and Allie have lived a low-key existence together in their Hollywood Hills home since 2002,” revealed another friend. “And when Allie became pregnant earlier this year, they kept the situation under wraps. Now their key focus will be on their baby boy.

“An overjoyed Sara is already telling friends that having a child is the best thing she’s ever done.”