Rielle Hunter Demands More Money From John Edwards

Rielle Hunter Demands More Money From John Edwards thumbnail

JOHN EDWARDS’ former mistress RIELLE HUNTER is threatening to take the dis­graced politician to court unless he forks over more child support.

The unemployed 49-year-old mother of John’s love child, Frances Quinn, 5, currently gets $5,000 a month from the former presidential hopeful.

But an insider says she’s so angry that John, 60, dumped her for 35-year-old medical worker Danielle King that she’s demanding more.

“Rielle only agreed to such a small amount of support from John because he promised her that they’d be together forever,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Rielle feels that she did every­thing for John, including lying to everyone about the identity of her child’s father so that he could run for president, and he never held up his end of the deal.”

As The ENQUIRER EXCLUSIVELY reported in our Dec. 16 issue, Rielle hoped to become the next Mrs. Edwards and was devastated when John began dating King.

Our source says that Edwards, who’s practicing law again, would love to settle this quietly but is “worried that if he gives in to Rielle’s demands she’ll just keep asking for more and more money.”

Public sentiment about the former North Carolina senator is still overwhelmingly negative, particularly because he cheated with Rielle while his brave wife Elizabeth was dying from breast cancer, the source noted.

“There are plenty of attorneys in town willing to take this case on just because it involves John Edwards,” the source added.

“Ri­elle can take John to the cleaners – and if he doesn’t pony up, that’s exactly what she’s going to do.”