Reportedly, battlin’ KANYE WEST has paid off the teen he allegedly punched out after he is said to have dissed fiancée KIM K.  

West quietly settled with the 18-year-old he allegedly punched at a Beverly Hills doctor office earlier this month for a hefty six-figure sum — more than $250,000 — reported.

The teen wanted to avoid the public spectacle that would come with a trial, so attorneys for both sides entered into negotiations for a settlement last week, according to reports.

West’s baby mama and fiancée, Kim Kardashian claimed the teenager taunted her when the two were face-to-face at the chiropractor’s office, calling her the N-word among many other derogatory terms.

After calling West to come to her rescue, the angry rapper reportedly punched the teen more than 30 times, although he had no apparent injuries.

And because the teen settled with West, the District Attorney’s Office is not likely to go after the 36-year-old with any criminal charges because the “victim” does not want to cooperate.

Despite professing to be “Yeezus” Kanye does NOT turn the other cheek as the so-called “Gay Fish” has had to take anger management classes after clashing with a photog at LAX with his ham hock fists.