What Renee Zellweger may not know about new hubby Kenny Chesney is that he seems to have nine lives!

The National Enquirer can reveal that the country star has been involved in a bizarre series of situations — but he’s walked away from each unscathed.

In March 1998, Kenny’s tour bus nearly plunged over an embankment; he and his crew were shaken but unhurt. Three years later on the tragic day of September 11, Kenny was slated to shoot a music video in the plaza below the World Trade Center — but filming was canceled just days before the terror attacks. Said Kenny: “I’m a lucky guy; I’m certainly glad I wasn’t there.”

A year later, his good luck continued. In July, Kenny wrapped up a tour and returned to his Nashville home — only to find that his mansion had been hit by lightning. All his recording equipment and electronics were fried. “If I’d have been there on the phone or in the shower, I’d have been cooked with all that stuff,” he told a friend.

In 2003, Kenny turned down a ride in a chopper filming video shots for him; it crashed outside Austin, Texas. A year later Kenny, who often rides with drivers delivering his merchandise, learned one of the trucks carrying T-shirts was involved in a fiery Arkansas crash.

“The truck exploded but my guy got out,” says Kenny. “I guess he was borrowing a little of my luck.”

On May 9 of this year, Kenny had his best luck yet when he married Renee. Asked if he is going to tell his bride about the close calls, he told a friend:

“Why worry Renee? I know she’s already anxious when I’m on the road.”