SASSY “Bridesmaids” star Rebel Wilson has a gay secret!

The hilarious 28-year-old has become an icon for homosexuals – and she loves it!

The Australian breakout star has had a host of great roles, including “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and “Bachelorette,” but it was her turn as the outspoken, unrepentant outsider, Fat Amy, in “Pitch Perfect,” that made her a role model to girls everywhere – both gay and straight.

Rebel says hef “GAY roots” are in the musical theater, and that made her “perfect” for the part.

She told a reporter: “I started out in the theater, and obviously, in Australia, we say it’s run by the ‘gay mafia’ because all of the super-talented actors and directors are all gay – and so I have a lot of gay guy friends.”

And like her Fat Amy character, Rebel, who’s also a writer and stand-up comic, claims she has super-duper “gaydar” – the ability to pick gay people out in a crowd.

Living in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles gives her the opportunity to hone this ability, just one of the many things she loves about her adopted neighborhood.

“I do live in West Hollywood and I do feel very safe on the streets,” she says. “It’s so nice, though. I love playing all sorts of characters, but gay guys in particular seem to like my characters and my writing.”