“SUPER Fun Night” star Rebel Wilson was headed for a career in law until a brush with death convinced her to take up acting. 
The 27-year-old Australian-born funnylady – who rocketed to fame in “Bridesmaids” and “Pitch Perfect” – was studying law when she went on a trip to Africa and came down with malaria.
“She was confined to a critical care unit for a month,” said a friend. “Doctors didn’t know if she would live or die, and they were bombarding her with all kinds of drug cock¬tails. Rebel began hallucinating from the fever and medication and dreamed she was onstage accepting an Oscar. It was really strange because she’d never even considered a show business career.”
But the experience changed the direction of her life.
“(The hallucination) was so vivid and real, that when I recovered I knew I had to get back to Australia and start acting training,” recalled Rebel. “I did my law degree by day and my acting at night. People thought my brain had been destroyed by malaria and that I was nuts!”
Despite her parents’ pleas for her to forget the footlights, Rebel began taking acting classes and was soon getting rave reviews for her stage roles.
“After that, she was hooked,” revealed the friend.
The quick-witted actress is thrilled to have literally landed her dream job.