Purr-fect timing as BATMAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA cos-players save freaked out feline from blazing inferno! SEE IT!



WCHS-TV reported that when firefighters responded to a blaze in Milton, West Virginia  they were shocked to see not one but two costumed crusaders on the scene, resuscitating a cat. Batman John Buckland  and his new sidekick Captain America Troy Marchum were both in costume teaching positive lessons to kids  at a local American Legion along with  BikersAgainst Child Abuse but they sprang into action seeing the house across the street was ablaze! They rushed toward the flames to see if anyone was inside.


Bat Buckland told media, “I grabbed (Tank, a biker') shoulders, gave it everything we got and the door opened. He breaks out the window. The smoke lets out and I start to see – I reach down and grab something furry.”


"Cap just threw a rock threw the window as instructed to let smoke out. Nobody else went into the home as it was too dangerous for anyone else to attempt once the cat was brought out, "Buckland told the ENQUIRER exclusively.


Buckland to got work giving the kayoed kat the bat-kiss of life, resuscitating the unconscious feline. “The cat comes around,” said Bats Buckland. “Takes one look at me — and hissed!”  


Before Buckland started his “Hero 4 Higher” endeavor, he was a contracted Dept Of Defense Civillian Firefighter alongside the military in Iraq from 2009-2011.

But Buckland said, don’t let his Caped Crusader wardrobe fool you, he’s no hero. “I wonder what the cat was thinking. I’m glad no one was inside.”