The “godfather of world music” India sitar legend RAVI SHANKAR departs this veil at 92.

Longtime Beatles and George Harrison musical guru Ravi was admitted to a hospital in Sand Diego after having difficulty breathing.

Shankar, who helped bring Indian music to the world, played at Woodstock 1969 and the 1967 Monterey Pop festival .

He pioneered The Concert for Bangla Desh 1971 – the very first of the benefit concerts.

Called "the godfather of world music" by George Harrison, Shankar helped millions of classical, jazz and rock lovers to discover the sensual mystic rhythms of centuries-old  ragas  — traditional Indian music.

"He was legend of legends," Shivkumar Sharma, a noted santoor playeraid in Mumbai, "Indian classical was not at all known in the Western world. He was the musician who had that training … the ability to communicate with the Western audience."

To later generations, he was known as the estranged father of  singer Norah Jones.

Both Ravi and his musician daughter Anoushka had been nominated for 2013 Grammys in the world music category.