Internet explodes as BEN AFFLECK is confirmed as new BATMAN in upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel.

The memes and social network is all a titter with the blockbuster casting news which hasn’t generated so much fanboy angst since comic actor Michael Keaton was cast as Batman back in 89.

Ben is no stranger to cowled crusaders having played Marvel’s “Daredevil” back in 2003 and TV’s “The Adventures of Superman” star George Reeves in “Hollywoodland”.

Zack Snyder who helmed “Man of Steel” and “300” is in the director’s chair, adding grist to the rumor mill that Affleck may have negotiated a future directing gig on a “Justice League” flick.   DC/Warners were looking to ground their universe around an established star much like Marvel's films revolve around Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark —  and on paper, so far, so good.    

Reportedly, the "M.O.S." sequel will be based on the epic fight in Frank Miller’s lauded graphic novel "The Dark Knight" where an older, more experienced Bats takes on Superman – Kryptonite and all.

Fueling fannish furor is the fact that while Affleck has proven himself as an actor with chops his "Daredevil" is considered a disappointment by many.

It was no disappointment for Ben – he met future wife Jennifer Garner while lensing the four color actioner.

The best or worst is yet to come — in about two years  — as the World's Finest team-up is released July 2015.