Despite Brad Pitt‘s assertion he’d quit the ganga, director pal Quentin Trantino outs him as still tokin’.

No sooner than Brangie brood dad tell Bill Maher he’d put the pipe away because of the kids as it turns him into a "damn donut" than Inglorious Basterds director Tarantino told Howard Stern on the air that when he visited the Jolie-Pitt estate last July prior to the twins birth.

Quentin "He had a big brick of hash. He whipped out a knife like Jesse James and cut me off a big sliver. I thought ‘Oh God this should be in a movie’.

"I go, ‘Do you have a pipe to go with this?’ And he handed me a Coke can!"

Brad then asked him if he knew how to use it by turning it into a hash pipe, Tarantino told Howard, "Yeah, I know what to do with this." 

When Stern asked about the quality of Brad’s stash, Tarantino replied, "Brad Pitt doesn’t have s**t hash."