Published on: September 19, 2012
Photography by: NBC/Getty Images

MATT LAUER runs verbally amuck, Today staff tongue lashings galore and mockingly laughs off grim analysis.

TODAY show kingpin Matt Lauer, has "turned into an anchor animal” on the set of the declining morning chat show micromanaging the program, belittling staffers and forbidding use of the phrase "Good Morning America," RadarOnline.com reported.

Sources told the NY Post  Lauer is "making all editorial decisions, he’s running the show and he’s not listening to anyone...it’s a huge problem.”

The network insider said that Lauer, incensed with Today’s losing streak to their Alphabet Net rivals in the ratings after 16 years on top, "has gone so crazy...that staff on Today are not even allowed to mention GMA to him."

Lauer's dominating attitude has made the workplace toxic for the staff, as he's always "telling them to work harder" -- which a separate source says is ironic, coming "from a guy working four days a week, making millions.”

Lauer laughed off the story when asked for comment the NY tab, “Please print THIS … it’s the most interesting and dangerous I’ve ever sounded!”