Kimberly Caldwell, Playboy wants to see you . . . all of you!

The blonde hottie recently was voted off “American Idol,” so she won’t walk away with a record deal from judge Simon Cowell. But the men’s mag would love to give her a consolation prize.

Instead of being rebuffed, she can appear in the buff!

Playboy is also interested in Kimberly’s fellow finalist Trenyce and her former “Idol” rival Julia DeMato — and expressed interest in curly-haired, 18-year-old Utah student Carmen Rasmusen.

“Number one on the wish list for Playboy is Kimberly,” disclosed a source close to the show. “She fits the mold of the ideal Playboy model — young, blonde, curvy and bubbly with a bit of a bad girl in her.”

“Idol” finalists are bound by contract to get the approval of the network and the show’s producers before they can make any outside entertainment or modeling deal.

Vanessa Olivarez, an “Idol” finalist voted off earlier this year, got naked in an ad for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), although her naughty bits were covered.

Other popular TV reality shows have let their contestants strip down for Playboy.

“Survivor” contestant Jerri Manthey bared her bod in the summer of 2001 after competitors Jenna Lewis and Colleen Haskell turned down offers.

And before being featured on “Married by America,” beauty pageant contestant Jill Nicolini posed naked in Playboy’s 2001 “college girls” edition.

A Playboy insider told The ENQUIRER:

“No one would argue that some of the female contestants of ‘American Idol’ are very sexy. An issue of Playboy with one of them would fly off of the stands.

“So far, Kim, Carmen, Julia and Trenyce are being considered for a layout. No deal has been reached, but the behind-the-scenes wheels have started to roll.

“With Kim’s sexy All-American good looks, she’d be a perfect centerfold.”

While the “Idol” girls are Playboy-worthy, the guys apparently don’t have the right stuff for nude modeling.

Playgirl editor in chief Michelle Zip divulged to The ENQUIRER: “We’re not pursuing any of the male ‘American Idol’ contestants.”