Peggy Lipton’s Miracle Comeback From Deadly Cancer

Peggy Lipton’s Miracle Comeback  From Deadly Cancer thumbnail

MOD SQUAD” beauty PEGGY LIPTON is mak­ing a miracle TV comeback after a battle with deadly colon cancer – and her real-life family will be joining her!

The still-gorgeous 67-year-old and her daughter Rashida Jones, 38, will play mother and daughter in “Tribeca,” a new pilot for TBS written and directed by “Office” star Steve Carell. And playing Rashida’s dad is her real-life pop, music mogul Quincy Jones, who was married to Peggy for 13 years.

In 2004, Peggy faced the fight of her life when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Peggy went in for a routine colonoscopy and was shocked when doctors discov­ered she not only had a tumor, it was Stage III cancer,” said a family source.

At the time, Rashida was pursuing her acting dreams, but she put ev­erything on hold to be there for her mother as she underwent surgery and chemotherapy.

“Rashida always encouraged her mom to find the joy in life and the funny side of things,” the source continued.

“They would watch old sitcom reruns like ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘Dick Van Dyke Show,’ and they would laugh out loud. They say laughter is the best medicine, and it must have worked because Peggy has been cancer-free now for many years.”

Despite divorcing in 1987, Peggy and Quincy have remained close. They have another daughter together, 40-year-old Kidada, who’s also an actress and could wind up playing some part in the new show.

“That family has a lot of love,” the source added. “And Peggy says had it not been for Rashida constantly being at her side, she doubts she would have won her battle with cancer.”