Tale of the tape as PAWN STARS and HARDCORE PAWN happy hockers take PR fueled feud to outer limits of reality!

In one corner is the Las Vegas-based Harrison clan of History Channel’s hit “Pawn Stars.”

 In the other is the rough-and-tumble Detroit-based family of Les Gold, stars of “Hardcore Pawn” on truTV.

The two are bat­tling to see who will ring the register as ratings king – and it’s gotten personal.

Gold recently slammed the Harrisons, claiming his “Hardcore” team was ignored when they tried to visit the “Pawn Stars” cast in Vegas, and he took a nasty poke at his portly rivals.

“I think they’re scared of us,” Gold said. “We’re badder than they are. And more fit!”

But Gold and his clan are still trailing in the ratings. Megahit “Pawn Stars” draws 5.8 million viewers per week while “Hardcore” has grown from 2.1 million to slightly more than 2.5 million in the past year.

Gold points out that his group runs a traditional pawn shop in a poor neighborhood, making small loans to people desper­ate for cash, while the Harrisons often deal in expensive memo­rabilia and historical artifacts, frequently inviting experts to help evaluate the pricey items.

“They (‘Pawn Stars’) buy. Period. They don’t loan,” added Gold’s son Seth. “My customers aren’t looking for $5,000 to take their family on vacation. They’re looking for $20 to feed their family.”

He also ridiculed the Harrisons’ use of outside authorities, scoffing: “We don’t call in the experts. We ARE the experts!”

But Seth noted that even though both families boast that they run “the biggest and baddest pawn shop,” overall the rivalry has “helped the industry.”