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Paula ankles Idol, moves to Dancing?

She will if ABC program chief Stephen McPherson has his way.

That’s what he told The TV Critics Association that when he heard Paula was through at Fox he called her up ASAP as she’s an "old friend" and offered her a gig on Dancing With the Stars.

"We would love to have her on Dancing, as a contestant, participant or judge. I think she’s a huge talent. I think there’s a lot made of her in terms of who she is," McPherson said. "There’s a sensitivity and an emotion to her that balances out Idol, and we’d love to have a piece of that.

Abudl said since walking out on stalemated contract talks she’s been receiving all kind of "wonderful offers".

With replacement Posh already getting dissed  by Idol-a-tors, maybe another offer is in the works for Paula to come home?