Girl-crazy Prince William has defied his father Prince Charles!

Just weeks after the Palace was up in arms over fears that the heir to the throne had gotten a girl pregnant, William disobeyed Charles’ order to stay away from two days of drunken debauchery during the traditional “Raisin Weekend” at his college, St. Andrews University in Scotland.

It’s a wild and crazy initiation ceremony for first-year students like William, where older students “adopt” newcomers and put them in fancy dress costumes — before they all go on a wild two-day drinking binge.

Charles issued his stay-away order because he was fearful of bad publicity and knew Wills would be a magnet for drunken girls during the booze orgy.

But Wills went anyway — and had a wonderful time when he was surrounded by half-naked girls!

“Wills is really out of control,” a royal source declared.

“He initially promised he’d stay away — then changed his mind and defied his dad. The lure of two days of booze and gorgeous gals was too much to resist.”

Enthusiastic Wills — his hair and face painted blue — was smothered from head to foot in shaving cream when he joined 1,000 other high-spirited student revelers for Raisin Monday.

And onlookers say Charles’ worst fears were realized quickly as the handsome prince was quickly surrounded by scantily clad female students trying to catch the royal eye.

“The shaving cream was all they had to hide their blushes!” said one observer.

The initiation ceremony dates back to the 15th century.

But in recent years locals have reacted angrily to the ceremony, which has degenerated into a two-day orgy of drinking and wild behavior.

“Wills just wants to be one of the boys,” explained a royal insider. “And that means like any student, he wants to have a good time!”

The source added: “Now Charles is demanding an explanation as to why Wills defied him. He’s already threatened to take him out of college if he doesn’t behave himself.

“Charles is at the end of his tether — Wills had better watch out!”