MICHAEL JACKSON’s son Prince has launched a showbiz career that has his younger sister PARIS green with envy and battling her family, say insiders.

Sources tell The ENQUIRER that Paris, 14, is furious her grandmother Katherine allowed her 16-year-old brother to become a correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight” while throwing cold water on her Hol­lywood dreams.

“It’s so unfair, Grandma!” the teen complained, according to a family friend.

“Paris wants to audition for movies and follow in her late father’s footsteps with a re­cording deal, and Katherine keeps telling her, ‘Honey, you’re too young. Enjoy your school years.’”

But the feisty youngster points out that her dad was singing by age 5 and having hits by 10.

Paris’ hands are tied since her dad, who died in 2009, left all three of his kids including his youngest son, 11-year-old Blan­ket, in Katherine’s care.

To make matters worse, Paris is also blaming her super­star aunt Janet for influencing Kath­erine’s decisions.

But both Katherine and Janet agree that while Prince has demonstrated his maturity, Paris still behaves like a child, said the friend.

Now, the source notes, the des­perate teen is beginning to act out, recently chopping off her long brunette locks and wearing heavy Goth-style eyeliner.

“THAT’S JUST ANOTHER SIGN TO Katherine, and the whole family, that Paris needs to grow up some before tackling a show business career,” said the source. “Katherine saw how the entertainment industry turned (her son) Michael from a sweet little boy into a tragic figure – and she wants a better life for Paris. Her heart is in the right place.”