Paris Hilton added new meaning to the phrase “stuck on you” when she emerged from a ladies’ room with an unwanted souvenir — a piece of toilet paper dangling from the bottom of her miniskirt!

The embarrassing moment occurred at the EMI music company’s post-Grammy bash at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which the party queen attended with her hunk-of-themoment, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

The couple made a point of getting noticed. “They had this big public argument early on but they made up,” said an eyewitness. “Nick was so partied out by the end of the night, he literally passed out on the floor against a wall for a while.”

By 2 a.m. only 10 people were left at the soiree, Nick and Paris among them.

That’s when the star of “The Simple Life” and a now-famous X-rated home video visited the restroom before she and Nick stumbled off together into the night.

“She came out of the ladies’ room with about eight inches of toilet paper sticking out from the bottom of her dress,” said the eyewitness.

“It was really embarrassing. Some of those left at the party wanted to tell her, but everyone was getting a laugh so no one said anything.”

The paper souvenir eventually dislodged on its own, according to the eyewitness, just before Nick and Paris — both looking pretty wiped out — left hand in hand. — DON GENTILE