Pam Anderson’s relationship with Kid Rock just got super-ROCKY because she thinks his ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow is back in the picture — and Pam is furious.

The blonde bombshell and her boyfriend got into an ugly screaming match over Sheryl — and she’s given him an ultimatum to cut Sheryl loose or get lost!

The problems developed after Kid got together with Sheryl, 40, late last year to make a music video.

A concerned Pam knows just how fickle 32-year-old Kid can be. He dropped Sheryl in early 2001 — right after meeting voluptuous Pam at a party.

“Kid Rock and Sheryl have been in constant contact since early November because of their work on the video,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “And Pam is watching him like a hawk.

“That’s caused so much tension between Kid and Pam that the recent holidays were a living hell.

“They bickered, then went to Tahoe for a couple of days to work things out.

“They flew to Detroit for New Year’s, but they got into a nasty shouting match about Sheryl — and Pam ended up flying back to Los Angeles early.”

The 35-year-old former “Baywatch” star has told Kid he’d better watch his step — or else!

“Pam has demanded that he cut all personal contact with Sheryl or their relationship is over,” disclosed the insider.

“But he’s fed up with Pam’s jealousy and their fighting.”

Disclosed a close source: “Kid’s incredibly torn right now.

“He and Pam were once headed toward the altar — now it remains to be seen if they will be headed anywhere together.”