THE Osmond family has been hit with another scandal – the 26-year-old daughter of MARIE’s brother Merrill was busted for writing a bad check for more than $5,000!

Accord­ing to court documents ob­tained by The ENQUIRER, Sheila Osmond Frischknecht bounced the check in April 2011 in Sanpete County, Utah.

“She got suckred into an Internet scam and took a big finan­cial hit,” a source close to Sheila told The ENQUIRER. “She was too embarrassed to ask her father for help, so she wrote a check to cover funds that she didn’t have.”

This isn’t the first time that the child of an Osmond family member has run afoul of the law. Last July, Donny Osmond’s son Jeremy was busted for discharging a firearm within the city limits of Cedar Hills, Utah.

While Jeremy got off with a fine, Sheila – a mom of two mar­ried to factory worker Brennen Frischknecht – pleaded guilty to a third-degree felony and was placed on 24 months’ probation . She was also ordered to pay $5,123 in restitution, plus a $500 fine. Fortunately, her 59-year-old father never knew about the bust, said the source.

As The ENQUIRER has re­ported, Merrill – lead singer and bassist for The Osmonds band in the ’70s – hit rock bottom while going through male menopause and even considered suicide.

But he’s bounced back, thanks to Marie’s support and a unique hormone replacement therapy.

Said the source: “I’m afraid that his daughter’s arrest would have added to Merrill’s woes.”