OPRAH PILES ON 32 LBS. thumbnail


Oprah Winfrey is facing a new weight battle — the talk show queen has packed on 32 lbs and, pals say, needs to stop before she’s out of control. Sources close to Oprah have told The National Enquirer she has privately blamed her weight gain on stress and her fondness for junk-food snacks.

The recent pressure stems from the controversy that erupted over a book she promoted that turned out to be a fake.

Oprah has also recently been dwelling on a failed romance with a married man that ended bitterly 25 years ago — memories triggered by the feelings of betrayal she experienced in the scandal of the James Frey book A Million Little Pieces.

On her February 23 show, 52- year-old Oprah — possibly sensing her audience had noticed a weight gain — admitted that she’s a compulsive eater.

She said: “I have an eating addiction that I am constantly trying to control. I know that there have been instances where… I’m eating to repress my feelings.”

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