TV titan Oprah Winfrey says she’s "euphoric" about Barack Obama clinching the presumed Dem nom for Prez.

The Big O endorsed ‘Bama and accompanied him to early rallies in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina and has appeared at rallies with the candidate’s wife Michele.

After the final primaries gave Obama the presumed nod over two-fisted Hillary Clinton, Oprah said she danced "the happy dance all day" and is ready "to go door to door" for her main man if so desired.

But Oprah has forgotten the ‘Bama Boomerang Effect as NATIONALENQUIRER.COM previously reported months ago.

The chatty fatty’s ratings plummeted when she first came out for BO.

 Ratings climbed somewhat after the crucial Tom Cruise two-parter but an industry insider revealed she’s alienated a lot of her core viewership by getting political.

 A lot of viewers may not welcome the Big O outside their door at midnight.