Investigators are looking into claims that MEL GIBSON’S baby mama OKSANA GRIGORIEVIA engaged in attempted extortion against the Oscar winner.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore told AP that "Detectives will follow the investigation wherever it leads."

Grigorevia and Gibson are engaged in not only a custody battle over their 8 month old daughter Lucia but also claims of domestic violence claims.

Grigorevia ‘s rep denied any wrongdoing after detectives interviewed her after she claimed Gibson assaulted her January 6th.

The ENQUIRER previously reported the shocking claim that the Braveheart star struck the Russian singer/pianist and also hit their daughter.

Records in the couple’s custody have been sealed by court order while investigators examine potentially damaging evidence.        

Whitmore offered no time table to media when the case might be presented to the District Attorney or whether charges will be filed against either Mad Mel or Oksana.