RED-HOT “O.C.” beauty Mischa Barton was BOOTED out of Hollywood’s hippest fashion emporium — after her words came back to haunt her! In a recent magazine interview the 18-year-old savaged trendy Melrose Avenue clothes mecca Fred Segal, calling it “hell on earth” and sniping: “Most of those designers are high-end generic. It’s not made with any love.” A few days later, Ms. Dis brazenly sauntered into “hell” and got her ass BURNED by the store manager, who stormed up as she browsed the racks and barked: “We know what you said and you’re NOT welcome!” As the shell-shocked star stammered, “I didn’t say that,” employees and shoppers gaped in amazement. “I didn’t say that,” Mischa repeated — but the manager was adamant and ordered her to leave the store. Mischa dropped an orange tank top she was about to try on and split with her pal. “I think she thought I was going to ask her for an autograph,” the manager laughed after she departed. Huffed another employee: “I can’t believe she had the nerve to come in here!”