Sext and The Married Stein’s loopy love secrets — inside boisterous Ben’s baby bombshell!

A wacky baby bombshell has exploded in the bizarre sexting drama involving married Comedy Central star Ben Stein!

As The National ENQUIRER previously reported, Ben apparently became fascinated with a woman he met in San Francisco – and now a source says the 69-year -old wants her to have his love child!

Stein, who’s worth a reported $20 million, sent the woman texts, emails and flowers – and even discussed bringing her to L.A. to stay in a Beverly Hills hotel, a source told The ENQUIRER.

The actor and financial guru gushed over the woman in his “Diary” column in the June issue of “The American Spectator,” writing that she “has a figure that is close to unbelievable.”

But, according to an insider, Stein’s obsession has gone beyond that. “Ben wanted to impregnate her and give her $6,000 to $10,000 every month for six months to be his girlfriend!” the insider revealed.

“He also wanted to pay for her rent in what he called, bizarrely, the ‘Tom Cruise package!’”

Stein – who played a role in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – has a son with his longtime wife, Alexandra, an entertainment lawyer.

Stein called The ENQUIRER to say his wife was aware of the woman, adding: “She knows everything. This is not a scandal, trust me.”

But he admitted writing the woman checks totaling $900 because “she told me such a sob story – I felt bad for her.”

Stein also insisted: “I didn’t have sex with her!”