PRESIDENT OBAMA’s sexy selfie with Danish beauty gets stone-face from P.O-.ed First Lady at Mandela Memorial.

The Prez was at the funeral for the late Nelson Mandela when he snapped by blonde hottie Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

The world leaders also did a GROUPIE with British PM David Cameron as Thorning-Schmidt snapped the historic moment.

The goofy world leaders grinned like total Instagram-ers as the Scandinavian beauty brought forth her smartphone to update possibly her Danish PM Facebook status.

But buzz-kill Michelle Obama sat removed, not smiling, as in disapproval of the digital three-way.

Danish Helle, 46, who’s married to British executive Stephen Kinnock, appeared more than particularly chatty with Barack but Michelle, 49, stared intently in the opposite direction and paid attention to the actual proceedings at the Mandela memorial. 

Thorning-Schmidt, who has two daughters, is the first female prime minister of Denmark, assuming command of the melancholic nation October 2011.

The Danish beauty has met Obamas several times in the past including a visit to the Oval Office in February 2012 and at the NATO Summit in Chicago in May 2012.