As Air Force One touched down in Raleigh, North Carolina today, The OBAMA administration refused to talk about The JOHN EDWARDS Trial, deferring to the Justice Department. 

President Obama arrived at Raleigh-North Durham Airport ostensibly to give a speech at UNC at Chapel Hill, N.C. as former Edwards loyalist ANDREW YOUNG took the stand for a second day in the JOHN EDWARDS TRIAL in Greensboro, N.C.

As THE ENQUIRER previously reported, in 2008 Edwards looked to strike a deal with either Democratic candidates Obama or Hillary Clinton.  He was lobbying for a VP slot or Attorney General with the potential Presidential winner after dropping out of the race. As part of the deal, Edwards would offer his backers’ support.   


Edwards’ offer was being seriously considered as The ENQUIRER’s exclusive investigation  hammered home the truth of Edwards’s “Two Americas”, according to the book “Audacity to Win”. Edwards camp made the offer before the South Carolina primary when Hillary Clinton and Obama were battling toe-to-toe and that Edwards believed he had "maximum leverage" to help deliver the South to whoever gave him the Number 2 spot on the Presidential ticket.

Now, top names in the Obama administration may be called to testify in the Edwards trial.

The Raleigh News Observer reported that Obama’s visit to Chapel Hill today is causing  road closings and detours between Raleigh-Durham International Airport and Chapel Hill. Obama was scheduled to give a speech at UNC’s Carmichael Arena in the early afternoon and then tape a seg for the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.

Yet, when a reporter questioned White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about  why the John Edwards Trial was  a priority for the administration, Carney declined to answer.

The reporter pressed again saying that the Justice Department’s case against Edwards began under the Bush Administration, so logically a conversation occurred with the Attorney General whether or not to continue the trial after a grand jury met in secret for over a year to determine if there was enough evidence to indict.

Q: "In Greensboro, North Carolina today, the trial of John Edwards got underway. It's being led by the Department of Justice. Why is THIS a priority for the administration?"

A: White House Press Secretary CARNEY: "I would refer you to the Department of Justice, Bill."

Q: "Well, if I just can follow, this started under the Bush administration, so there had to be a conversation with the Attorney General whether or not to continue the trial or not.

 "Do you know if the President was involved in that discussion?!"

A: White House Press Secretary CARNEY: "Again, I don’t. And I think this is a matter for the Justice Department."

The ENQUIRER previously reported that the Justice Department had previously offered a plea-deal to Edwardst with minimal jail time.  But it would have cost Edwards his law license something the cagey trial lawyer and "master manipulator" can't live without.

Beltway insiders tell The ENQUIRER that it would have been highly unlikely for the Justice Department to offer a deal to Edwards without President Obama’s knowledge.

So who knew what when AND when did they know it?