Former “NewsRadio” star Andy Dick has a flash for “Saturday Night Live” funnyman Chris Kattan: “I hate your guts!”

The wacky bespectacled comic recently unleashed a verbal assault on Kattan, the diminutive star of “Corky Romano,” during a packed performance at The Key Club in Los Angeles.

“He’s a horse-faced troll of a man, Chris Kattan,” Andy sang in a hateful, expletive-filled song in which he threatened to beat tiny Chris with sticks and stones.

“It’s true, I hate the man, if you can even call him a man,” an irate Andy told The ENQUIRER. “He tries to act as if it’s all a joke, but it’s no joke. He’s an ugly little gnome.”

Andy is up in arms because of an unflattering impersonation Chris did of Andy on “Saturday Night Live.” Chris added the funnyman to his “SNL” character roster that includes exotic male dancer Mango, half-man/half-monkey Mr. Peepers and his dead-on impersonations of Antonio Banderas and gymnast Kerri Strug.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but for Andy it was the sincerest form of battery, and he’s striking back.

In his club act, he belts out the vile, mostly unprintable, lyrics to his song “Chrissy Kattan”

After cleaning up the words, there’s not much left The ENQUIRER can print, but here’s an edited portion: “I’ve had enough of your stupid-ass jokes, you wig-wearing, no talent hack! You ugly, short, skinny, monkey mouth (sissy)!” sings Andy.

The hateful song goes on to accuse the other comic of sick sex acts and even blasts one of his close relatives as a “coke-sniffing whore.”

And that’s just the light stuff.

Andy, who has beaten cocaine and alcohol problems, is trying to resurrect his career with a new band called Andy Dick and the Bitches of the Century. But when he’s not making music, he enjoys blasting Chris.

Says Andy: “He will tell you I’m doing it for attention — but he knows it’s for real. It’s on, baby!”

The target of all that venom, Chris Kattan, complained to an “SNL” staffer: “Whenever he sees me, he doesn’t say anything to my face.”

Jill Fritzo, spokeswoman for Kattan, concluded, “Chris hasn’t seen Andy’s show – but Chris is fully aware of the feud.”