Get ready for a new war between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman!

Nicole is planning to move back to her native Australia — and wants to take the kids. But her friends believe Tom won’t allow it.

Nicole recently purchased a $3 million penthouse in Sydney Harbor and wants to move to her new home with the two kids she adopted with Tom, 11-year-old Connor and Isabella, 13.

“Tom will not be happy,” said one friend.

“He likes to be the one in charge of their children. That means them staying in L.A.”

Nicole, whose 10-year marriage to Tom ended in 2001, would love the kids to spend their teen years away from L.A.’s fast-paced lifestyle. Nicole has been trying for a long time to persuade Tom that Connor and Isabella should be educated away from Hollywood, according to her friends.

One of Nicole’s pals explained: “Nicole believes that Connor and Isabella will have a much happier life away from L.A. and all that Hollywood madness.

She’s desperately hoping Tom will allow them to move, especially since the birth of his own child with Katie Holmes.”

Friends say that Nicole’s fiancé, country singer Keith Urban, fully supports her move back to Australia, which is also his native country. And they say he’d love her kids to be part of their household.

Added the pal: “Connor and Isabella adore him because he’s great fun to be with and always makes an effort to hang out with them.”