NICKI MINAJ may be the most hated judge on “Ameri­can Idol,” but the controversial rap­per believes she’s the only one who can save the 12-year-old show after it hit a shocking all-time ratings low in late March.

Nicki, who’s frequently bashed on social media sites, squarely blames her fellow judges – Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson – for making the FOX series tired and boring.

INCREDIBLY, THE ONCE TOP-RATED COMPETITION has suffered a major ratings decline, plummet­ing about 20 percent for the second year in a row. What’s more, for the first time its rival “The Voice” attracted more viewers with its recent season premiere.

“Nicki believes she’s the one carrying the show,” revealed an “Idol” insider.

“She’s had enough of the fans’ online hatred because she feels she’s the only one who is at least trying to make the show more interesting.

“Off-camera Nicki doesn’t pull any punch­es. She believes Mariah sends viewers to sleep with her dialed-back per­formances, and she says, Keith sits on the fence far too often and gives half-hearted compli­ments to practically every contestant. As for Randy – Nicki says he’s the same old Randy.”

Mariah has fired back, saying that outspoken Nicki is the reason the ratings have dropped. But Nicki blasts Mariah for “making viewers yawn,” revealed the source.

“Nicki also thinks that Keith is too concerned about his public image to be brutally honest with contestants, and that after 11 years Randy’s ‘dawg’ shtick is just plain worn out.”

Concerned that the show needs a huge shot of adrenaline, the source says Nicki has taken matters into her own hands. “Besides the zany outfits and her big personality, she’s constantly thinking about ways to make the show more edgy,” noted the source.

“Idol” fans who despise feisty Nicki have launched a Facebook page dedicated to giving her the boot – but even that will help the show, says the source. “Nicki is the only one people are talking about. You never hear anything about Randy, Keith or Mariah because there is nothing interesting to say.

“The producers need to put more caffeine in their drinks to pep them up. Nicki may be the most hated judge on ‘Idol,’ but she’s still the show’s standout star – and right now they need all the publicity they can get.”