Nick Nolte’s Death Wish!

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Nick Nolte may literally be “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” – top docs said he has only six months to live!

Recent photos of the disheveled 74-year-old actor indicate he might be suffering from severe liver disease – which if left untreated could kill him, renowned physician Dr. Stuart Fischer told The National ENQUIRER.

“He looks God-awful!” declared Dr. Fischer, who reviewed photographs of Nick taken at the Malibu Kiwani’s Chili Cook-Off on Sept. 6.

A lifetime of hard living has the star’s close friends amazed he’s still alive.

“Nick always jokes around about how he’s been living on borrowed time for 20 years,” a friend told The ENQUIRER. “But he just refuses to do anything to improve his chances of sticking around. He’s still drinking, he still doesn’t watch what he eats – it’s like he has a death wish!”

Another friend said doctors have told Nick he’s developed kidney and liver problems, “but it’s hard to tell how serious they’ve become because no one can drag him in for follow-up visits.”

Dr. Fischer said Nick’s flush face and red nose are a bad sign.

“Cirrhosis of the liver is an irreversible, potentially fatal disease,” he added.