Cancer-stricken George Harrison experienced dramatic improvement in his life-or-death battle — thanks to a top American specialist.

The ex-Beatle was near death and suffering from delusions when he recently arrived in New York for treatments by Dr. Gil Lederman. But after three weeks of therapy, Harrison’s pain miraculously disappeared and he was able to leave the hospital, even though his life was still in danger.

In our November 13 issue, The ENQUIRER was the first to report exclusively that Harrison had traveled from Europe to receive “last-ditch” treat-ment on his inoperable brain tumor by Dr. Lederman, director of radiation oncology at Staten Island University Hospital.

“Before arriving for treatment, George’s condition was extremely grave and he believed he was entering the final phase of his existence,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

“When Dr. Lederman first saw George, the musician’s appearance was alarming — he was frail and doubled over in pain. Shockingly, George showed up with another medical problem. He had been prescribed extensive narcotics that had given him terrible side effects, including delusions. He was also terribly nauseated from the medication.

“Dr. Lederman took him off those medications immediately. It was complicated and touch and go. After they weaned him off the narcotics, they went to work on the tumors.”

The eminent physician used his groundbreaking procedure, which delivers high doses of radiation to the tumors with pinpoint accuracy.

“Like a miracle, George’s response to the treatment was so dramatic that the pain slowly left him,” said the close source.

“After a few weeks, George was able to leave the hospital on November 4 — well enough to resume treatments on an out-patient basis.”

Dr. Lederman noted, “The ENQUIRER featured me in an article about my techniques a few years ago, and I’ve made additional advancements since then.

“We treat many kinds of cancers and most have a 90 percent success rate. That doesn’t necessarily mean we can cure 90 percent, but in the area we treat, we can put it in remission.

“Ninety percent of the time the cancer stops growing, has shrunken or has gone away.”

After Harrison left the hospital, his friend and spiritual guide Ravi Shankar, the Indian sitar player and composer, told The ENQUIRER: “George is now in good condition — he’s doing fine.”