It’s “diet or die” time for Hollywood HEAVY-weight Jonah Hill!

The two-time Oscar nominee has bulked up to his heaviest weight ever – about 270 pounds, sources say.

Now friends fear he could top 300 pounds, and then top out with a heart 

“Jonah is eating again with reckless abandon,” a pal told The National ENQUIRER.

“He looks like he’s a few steaks short of a stroke, and we’re warning him it’s time to ‘diet or die!’

“The guy has everything going for him. He’s a brilliant comedic actor with decades ahead of him, but he has to get a handle on his health before he faces deadly 

At the urging of “Moneyball” co-star Brad Pitt, the 5-foot-7 actor shed an impressive 40 pounds from his then 250-pound frame back in 2011.

“But in the past year it’s all come back and more,” said the source. “And in recent months, Jonah is ballooning out of 

The 30-year-old actor received Academy Award nominations for “Moneyball” and his role as Leonardo DiCaprio’s party-to-the-max sidekick in last year’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.” He’s starred in “21 Jump Street,” and its recent sequel “22 Jump Street.”

Hill is reportedly dating Annie Guest, the 27-year-old daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis, after splitting from actress Isabelle 
McNally. As The ENQUIRER reported in 2013, before his latest weight explosion, the “Superbad” cut-up went on a low-carb, high-protein diet that left him with “meat mouth” and bad breath.

The condition develops when the body metabolizes protein and ammonia is 
produced. When people eat high protein meals, there tends to be increased ammonia in their breath and urine. In large amounts, this can smell pretty bad.

The source added: “Jonah’s breath 
may be better these days, but his gut is another story.”