Fan fave Phyllis Nesmith Gibson, the former wife of Monkees Michael Nesmith, is dead.

Gibson, who was born Phyllis Ann Barbour in 1946 on Long Island, lived all over the world.

Meeting Mike Nesmith at 17 she moved to Los Angeles and toured extensively with the 1960s pop sensations. 

Mike had fallen  in love with Phyllis the very first time he met her at San Antonio college when he was 20.

Nesmith said in an interview: "When I met Phyllis I had a feeling that I had never experienced before and I was so sure she was the girl for me I asked her to marry me before I ever asked her for a date."

At the height of The Monkees fame Phyllis was celebrated in teen mags 16 and Tiger Beat as an ideal wife and mother.

She and Mike had three children together Christian Nesmith, Jonathan Nesmith and Jessica Nesmith.  

After a divorce from Nesmith in the early 1970s, she later married Bill Gibson, and worked at a Los Angeles based communications firm

During the 1970s she worked as a political aide to Senators Alan Cranston and John Tunney helping to raise awareness, fighting  for causes she strongly believed in including assisting Viet Nam war vets to gain access to previously denied government benefits.