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The mother of troubled teen pop star Aaron Carter has begged her estranged son to protect his multi-million-dollar fortune from hangers-on.

In a bombshell letter that she asked us to print, Jane Carter warns Aaron that his $4 million trust fund could be lost almost as soon as he gains control of it when he turns 18 in December.

“Dearest Son,” she begins, “I have always been truthful with you and will continue to be so. Aaron, I know the private jet rides can be thrilling. What is not a thrill is the day you get the bill for them all when you turn 18!

“Everything that has been spent on your behalf until now will come out of your future earnings — if you’re not careful.”

Jane, 46, is fighting a legal action from her ex-husband Bob, who is seeking full custody of Aaron and his twin sister Angel. “Don’t allow your father full custody,” she warns in her letter. “Think about it — why at this point? It’s because they all have their eyes on the $4 million trust fund I managed to sock away for you. Kiddo, that is yours! You earned it and you worked hard for it.”

Jane told The National Enquirer in April how she had failed to stop Aaron’s escalating drug use. Two months later, she was hit with a custody petition. Jane says her frank confession to a three-year extra-marital affair — which she claims was brought about by her ex-husband’s philandering — helped to drive a wedge between her and Aaron, whose brother Nick, 25, found fame as a Backstreet Boy.

Jane says she also suspects the custody action is linked to Aaron’s control of the trust fund. “If they get me out of the picture, they’ll be able to sign contracts for him before his 18th birthday with management and recording labels that will affect his life for years,” she said. In a poignant ending to the letter that Jane prays Aaron will read in The National Enquirer, she writes: “Take care of yourself. I love you very much. Mom.”

Bob Carter’s attorney said: “Bob and Jane Carter were given joint custody in the final divorce agreement. Bob is now asking for primary residential custody. Aaron and Angel asked for it because they reside with their father, and their mother has not been a part of their life for the past year.

“Aaron’s trust fund is not affected by the petition. Business decisions are made by Aaron’s business managers. I can take Bob’s word that he never cheated on his wife before their separation.”