MOVE over, Bo! Your master may soon be joining you in the doghouse!

First lady Michelle Obama was so enraged by her husband’s much bal­lyhooed comments about California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ good looks that she’s booted him from their bedroom, say sources.

At a Democratic fundraiser in Atherton, Calif., in early April, the 51-year-old president introduced Harris first by calling her “brilliant,” then adding: “She also happens to be by far the best looking attorney general in the country.” Sticking his foot in mouth even further, he added: “It’s true, come on.”

Immediately, his remarks went viral on social me­dia outlets with many calling them “inappropriate,” “awkward” and even “sexist.” “New York” maga­zine writer Jonathan Chait blasted the comments as “disgraceful and really terrible for workplace equal­ity.” And the headline in the “New York Daily News” the following day read: “Obama drools like a fool.”

But Harris’ one time boyfriend, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, gave Obama a thumbs-up! “The president gets an absolute high five from me – it’s a nice compliment for her,” Brown told The ENQUIRER. When asked if he had ever considered marrying Harris, Brown said: “Well, I had a wife. I’ve been separated since 1980 and I’ve not been divorced. So Kamala wasn’t on my ‘wives list.’”

Obama eventually apologized for the remarks, but that apparently did little to soothe his wife. A White House insider revealed that the first lady was livid and told him he was kicked out of their bedroom, adding: “You can sleep on the couch – or in the doghouse. I don’t care!”

This isn’t the first time the charmer in chief has crossed the line with other women. As The ENQUIRER has reported, Michelle blew up af­ter Barack flirted with 21-year-old beauty queen Yityish “Titi” Aynaw at a March 21 state dinner held in his honor in Israel. And last year, Michelle banned “Scandal” actress Kerry Washington from the White House because of her “flirty” relationship with the president. She also flew into a rage after seeing photos of the president leering at Thailand’s stunning prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra.

But his most recent transgression was especially painful for Michelle because she gave up a prom­ising law career to get married and raise a family, explains the insider. In contrast, still-single Kamala, 48, is the first African-American and South Asian Attorney General in California, and she’s consid­ered a potential presidential candidate in 2016.

Michelle was so upset by Barack’s gushing over Harris that she inadvertently referred to herself as a “busy single mother” during a TV interview.

“Michelle is seething,” said another White House source. “She feels Barack is completely out of con­trol with his wandering eye and is going to do something really stupid, like Bill Clinton.”

The insider added: “You can bet your bottom dollar that Michelle will make sure Kamala Harris isn’t spending any time around the White House anytime soon!”