The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that a beautiful California actress says she was signed up by the Gloved One to be artificially inseminated with his sperm. Now she says she’s pregnant and telling friends it may be multiple births.


In typical Wacko Jacko style, the prospective mom says the pop star – who’s facing child molestation charges that could put him behind bars for 20 years – chose her after she wrote him an adoring fan letter, a copy of which was obtained by The ENQUIRER.

The note was riddled with typos and misspellings. In it the woman expressed her belief in Michael’s innocence and pledged her eternal support to him. She also recounted how she met one of his family members recently. Sources say that Jackson responded to the actress’ note and in his message asked if she was willing to carry a child for him.

“Eagerly, she agreed,” said an insider.

“By early May she became pregnant. She’d been on all sorts of medications to prepare her for the pregnancy.”

A source added that the woman – whose name is being withheld by The ENQUIRER – is telling her closest friends she’s pregnant, without naming the father, and “implying that it will be a multiple birth. There were five embryos implanted in her and four took.”

According to the insider, “She is absolutely delighted. Her lawyer knows, her parents know, but precious few others share her secret. She says Michael has sworn her to silence. It is believed she has signed an agreement.

“He told her if it gets out she will have to leave where she’s currently living and he will hide her away somewhere. It could be anywhere in the world!” Arrangements for the pregnancy were made over the course of several meetings, with lawyers for the actress and Jackson present, the insider claimed. The actress – who’s listed with the Screen Actors Guild but has no known credits – “used to hang out with Prince. I don’t know if she dated him,” a neighbor of the woman told The ENQUIRER.

“I know she knows Michael Jackson but I’m not saying any more than that, other than I know she’s very giving, very loving and wants kids.” When the woman’s mother was contacted by The ENQUIRER, she snapped: “I can’t talk about my daughter and Michael!” Jackson has three children.

The oldest – Prince Michael, 7, and daughter Paris, 6 – were both delivered by his e x – w i f e Debbie Rowe.

The singer maintains that he is the father of both children, but The ENQUIRER reported in its Dec. 30, 2003, issue that a Jackson family insider and others have come forward to THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER

The actress agreed to have Michael’s child after he responded to her fan letter challenge his claim, saying his children were conceived by an anonymous sperm donor.

His youngest child, Prince Michael II, whom Jackson calls “Blanket,” came to Jackson through a secret arrangement.


Jackson has given conflicting accounts about the child. In the famous Martin Bashir documentary about Jackson, the singer stated that he had a relationship with Blanket’s mother, who wanted to remain anonymous.

But at another point in the same documentary, he claimed he never met Blanket’s mother but his sperm was used to fertilize her egg and she became a surrogate – and it’s unclear where the child was actually born, or if the child was the product of an adoption or other method. Jackson came under worldwide criticism when he playfully dangled the infant out a balcony window in Germany.

Another source said the actress carrying Michael’s babies “has signed a contract with Jackson to say nothing until they are born. But after, she can speak to the world about it. She plans to and wants to write a book about her life.” She also wants to be a hands-on mom, unlike Rowe, who gave up her kids to Michael.

“She’s not just going to hand the babies over and abandon them. She is insisting on joint custody with her as primary custodian,” said the source.


Since Jackson was charged with child molestation, there have been efforts by anti-Jackson opponents to have his children removed from his household.

Jackson recently pleaded not guilty to an indictment that expanded the child molestation case against him to include a conspiracy count involving allegations of child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

His efforts to have more children is a way to thumb his nose at authorities who are putting him on trial for child abuse, said top Beverly Hills psychiatrist Carole Lieberman. “In a way this is classic Michael Jackson,” said Lieberman, who has urged authorities to take Jackson’s children from him.

“He’s just like Peter Pan in this way. Peter escaped authority figures and lived a life where he was his own boss. Michael’s doing the same thing.”