MEG RYAN has put the kibosh on the “M” word and banned boyfriend JOHN MELLENCAMP from even mentioning marriage, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

After a troubled 10-year union with actor Dennis Quaid ending in 2001, Meg is much happier simply dating the 62-year-old “Small Town” singer.

“Meg loves John’s visits, but she also values her alone time,” disclosed an insider. “When they’re together, they like taking long walks, going to the gym and sharing romantic, quiet dinners.

But when he leaves her home in New York City and heads back to Indiana, she’s fine with that, too.”

The actress is “pretty much a loner,” revealed the source.

“She prefers New York, where she can just walk around unnoticed.” The 52-year-old divorced mom of two, who’s turned off by the Hollywood red carpet lifestyle, enjoys a peaceful, quiet life – and is definitely not looking for a husband, according to the insider.

On the other hand, the “Hurts So Good” crooner – who’s been divorced three times – is ready for more wedding bells!

“John gets along great with Meg’s 22-year-old son, Jack, who attends college in New York, and he adores young Daisy,” said the insider.

“If Meg would agree, John would pop the question today!”