“Friends” hunk Matt LeBlanc will soon have an instant family — he’s ready to tie the knot with longtime fiancée Melissa McKnight and become a father to her two children.

“At long last Matt’s ready to take the plunge!” a source close to the 35-year-old actor told The ENQUIRER.

“He and Melissa have been engaged for four years with no wedding date in sight. Matt’s been so busy with ‘Friends’ and film projects that he found it hard to set a date.

“Melissa’s been gently nudging him along lately. She has two kids Matt adores like they were his own, and she wants to be made an ‘honest woman’ for their sake, if nothing else.

“Now with ‘Friends’ almost certain to end its long run after this season, Matt’s looking to the future. And he says his priority is spending time with Melissa and the kids.

“In fact, he’s talking about having more kids with Melissa!

“They’ve got a terrific home in Los Angeles with a pool and other things kids love, and Matt wants to settle down more than he’s been able to over the last few years.

“They’re looking at getting hitched sometime over the Christmas holidays, when ‘Friends’ will be on vacation. They’re going to invite family and friends and keep the wedding fairly small by Hollywood standards.”

Another source told The ENQUIRER Matt has joked that he doesn’t want to be the last of the “Friends” cast to wed.

“Matt’s been giving the business to David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry, who will now be the only cast members to stay unmarried.

“He’s been telling them they need to settle down, have a few kids and live like normal people!

“But he’ll be the first male cast member to wed. Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have all gotten married.

“Matt says he’s incredibly lucky to have found the love of his life in Melissa. And he loves her kids, Jacki and Tyler.

“He recently popped the question the old-fashioned way. He took Melissa out to a fancy restaurant, and toward the end of dinner he told her he wanted to ask her something serious.

“He says he took her hand, looked into her eyes and blurted out, ‘Let’s get married. Let’s do it around the holidays.’

“He said he had a whole routine planned, but in his excitement that was all he could think to say!

“Melissa asked him if he was asking her or telling her to marry him — but then she laughed and said, ‘Whatever the question is, the answer is yes.’

“She’s ecstatic, Matt’s walking on air — and the kids are happy that Matt’s going to marry their mom!”