Sensuous new book reveals MARILYN MONROE as only her many lovers  saw her – alone, nude and in bed.

Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate American sex symbol who personified of the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood mythmaking factory.

In glossy new photo book “With Marilyn: An Evening/1961” famed photog Douglas Kirkland presents an extraordinary collection of images that allows us to become the ultimate voyeurs – peering  beyond a veil of tragic innocence to uncover the truth in an intimate night with the screen legend.

Although Marilyn was adored and lusted after by both men and women, the public then at that time, had little insight into the star’s REAL life.

Kirkland changed all THAT with his plum assignment for LOOK magazine photographing the former Norma Jean in the altogether in 1961.

Working in the seeming unadorned eroticism of an unmade bed in an empty room, Monroe and Kirkland produced some of the most spontaneous and flirtatious photos ever lensed of the luminous sex goddess.

Images that cemented Marilyn’s enduring legacy as Myth America.

And Kirkland’s rep as  master photographer without peer.