“The Hangover” star BRADLEY COOPER better enjoy his motorcycle while he can ‘cause his mamma wants to take it away!

His mom Gloria hates his new toy, and the 37-year-old mama’s boy is already talking about returning the $11,000 Aprilia bike, say insiders.

“Gloria thinks motorcycles are death machines, and she’s furi­ous with Bradley for getting one in the first place,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“He bought it without her knowledge because he knew she’d be concerned.

“She believes that Bradley risks his life every time he gets on the bike.

"She’s worried that one spill could not only hurt him but also ruin his looks and jeopardize his career.”

When Gloria’s not giving Bradley the silent treatment over his shiny new ride, “she’s scolding him about the danger he’s putting himself in,” the source added.

“He’s seriously con­sidering dumping the bike even though he just passed his motorcycle driver’s test.”