“Male Impersonator” Liza Is Not Amused!

“Male Impersonator” Liza Is Not Amused! thumbnail

LIZA MINELLI livid as Oscars host refers to her as a Liza ”male impersonator”.

The “Cabaret” Oscar winner who was attending the Award for the telecast’s tribute to “The Wizard of Oz” starring her late mom Judy Garland, seemed visually distressed by Ellen Degeneres during the opening monolog.

DeGeneres was pointing out luminaries in the audience including the real-life subjects of the films “Captain Phillips” and “Philomena” when she joke-slapped Minelli, 67.

“And I have to say one of the most amazing Liza Minnelli impersonators I have seen in my entire life,” DeGeneres said to glee of Oscars aud.

“Just really, seriously,” DeGeneres added. “Good job, sir.”

Dressed in a blue pantsuit with a matching blue streak in her hair, Liza appeared visibly annoyed, squirming in her seat.

Expect some payback from the old guard of Hollywood in defense of Liza.