Near-naked “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell nearly jumped out of his skin when he exited the shower at his mansion and faced a shocking surprise: An ambush audition by a warbling wanna-be contestant — his HOUSEMAID!

Unsuspecting Judge Cowell — who’d hired the 20-ish girl only days before — was flabbergasted when he emerged from his soak wearing nothing but a towel and found her standing in his bedroom . . . all sexy in tight jeans and a midriff-baring T-shirt. Before he could say a word, Ms. Chutzpah punched “Play” on a ghetto-blaster she was toting — and started bopping around the room, vocalizing at the top of her lungs!

When she’d finished, the judge swiftly delivered his verdict, bellowing “You’re FIRED!” Crushed, she whined, “You mean I have no chance to be on the show?” Softy Simon sighed and — trying to be merciful — said, “No . . . but you can stay and clean my house.” Rejoined the girl: “I’m not really a maid — I only took this job to sing for you.” Snapped Simon: “In that case, pack up your things and leave!”