Devout Catholic MEL GIBSON defies his faith to save ailing dad, 94, with miracle stem cell treatments.

MEL GIBSON has worked a miracle by fly­ing his dad Hutton to a clinic in Panama for cutting-edge stem-cell treatments that have done wonders for the 94-year-old’s failing health, say sources.

Devout Catholic Mel has railed against embryonic stem-cell research in the past, but this ther­apy involves using adult stem cells, a variation of the controversial procedure that the Church has endorsed.

“Mel is a true believer in the treatment,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “His dad could barely walk and was too frail to undergo hip replacement, but now he’s better than ever.”

Mel even told a reporter: “Adult stem-cell research – I’m all for it. I’ll give my own stem cells to somebody if they want.”

The treatments have appar­ently had a miraculous effect on Hutton, who recently di­vorced his wife of nearly a dozen years because he and his 57-year-old son believed she was withhold­ing medication in order to accelerate his death, according to court docu­ments.

“Hutton suffers from severe arthritis, especially in his hip and needed a cane to get around,” said the source. “But after multiple trips to Panama plus booster treatment s here, he’s no longer in ag­ony. Hutton was at death’s door, and now he walks with­out assistance. He’s gained weight, has more hair and is a completely new man.”

Hutton also seems to have mellowed out.

“He used to be grumpy and difficult,” said the insider. “But now that he’s got back his pep, he’s like a pussycat to deal with. Hutton and Mel are now closer than ever.”