Chelsea Clinton’s jilted Oxford University beau Ian Klaus journeyed all the way to Iceland in a desperate attempt to win her back.

But the 23-year-old former First Daughter is still saying she’s “single” and has been out with other men in Iceland, England and New York.

As The ENQUIRER reported in March, Chelsea called off her planned summer wedding to Ian, a 23-year-old Rhodes Scholar from California, and cooled their 15-month relationship following a frightening pregnancy scare.

“After her decision to cool things way down, Chelsea began going out around Oxford with other boys,” a source close to Chelsea told The ENQUIRER.

“But Ian kept on showing up at her place, begging her back. He was desperate to keep their romance going. She felt suffocated because he wouldn’t leave her alone. Even when she flew back to New York, he was still calling her.”

On March 11, Chelsea showed up at a party in New York and reportedly acted chummy with Evan Metropoulos, the Bumble Bee tuna heir.

About a week later, with Ian still phoning her from England, Chelsea headed to Iceland.

“Chelsea made the decision that she had to get away,” said the close source.

“With a few close friends, she took off for Iceland to see an old friend who was living there.”

While in the capital city of Reykjavik, Chelsea hit a hot nightclub called Hverfisbarinn — after waiting in line for an hour to get in.

When asked where Klaus was, Chelsea told a local reporter they had “split up and she was now single.”

On March 20, Chelsea ate at a vegetarian restaurant called A Naestu Grosum along with an unidentified male companion.

Meanwhile, Ian found out where Chelsea had gone and made a dramatic dash to Iceland in an attempt to win her back. He and Chelsea had dinner at a Reykjavik restaurant on March 27, the close source revealed.

“Even though Ian flew to Iceland from London, there’s no telling if Chelsea will take him back. He’s very dramatic, and Chelsea likes dramatic romantic gestures of this kind, so it’s possible she will.

“But at the same time she may keep playing the field for a while to determine how she really feels.”