After months of humiliating disgrace Former Congressman ANTHONY WEINER, the king of bulging crotch Tweets, has an heir – a new baby boy.

Weiner’s wife, HUMA ABEDIN,  a top aide to Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON,  gave birth early yesterday, 10 days before the New Year’s Eve due date.

Jordan  Zane Weiner weighed in at just over 7 pounds, a source told the NY Post.

There was atalk of a promising career for Weiner the Elder until he tweeted a lewd crotch shot of himself to a 21-year-old Twitter follower on May 27th.

Weiner later admitted to several inappropriate online relationships with women before giving up his seat in Congress

Weiner, 47, said he never had physical contact with any of the women.

 The scandal broke before the couple’s first wedding anniversary.

The ENQUIRER previously reported Weiner had a long history of sexual peccadilloes most notably his penchant for dressing in drag and published the shocking pix to prove it.