U.S. Olympic skier LINDSAY VONN wipes out in super-scary crash, airlifted to hospital in Switzerland.

Vonn, the four-time overall World Cup champion lost balance on her right leg while landing after a jump.

Her ski ripped off, and Lindsay, 28,  slid through the white maelstrom and slammed into a gate before breaking in a snowy blur.

Medics rushed to Lindsay and received  for 12 minutes before being hoisted aboard a chopper which flew her  to the hospital.

Vonn returned to the competitive skiing  last month after a grieling bout with an intestinal illness that put her in a hospital for two days in November.

Because of fog, the race was postponed for 3 1/2 hours, resuming after another delay followingafter Vonn’s heart-stopping  crash.

Hours later, Vonn’s U.S. team said the perky blonde had two torn ligaments in her right knee and a broken bone in her lower leg.

Vonn will be off the slopes qnd undergoing treatment.