Lindsay Lohan‘s friends and family are trying to shed light on what happened early Tuesday morning when the actress was arrested for DUI. Lohan’s uncle Chris Sullivan has been defending her actions to the New York Post. Lohan’s former assistant Tarin Graham, “is a problem individual and Lindsay was trying to help her out,” says Sullivan, about the altercation between Lindsay and her second assistant that led to Lindsay’s drunken car chase early Tuesday morning in Santa Monica. “She [Lindsay] may well have not been driving the car. This girl and her mother are letting Lindsay take the fall, but hopefully the truth will come out! That would get rid of most of the charges.”

According to Lindsay’s camp, the I Know Who Killed Me star was having a small get-together when she fell off the wagon and began drinking. As for the cocaine found in Lindsay’s pants pocket while being searched by police officers, her camp tells Entertainment Tonight that the coke was not Lindsay’s because she was wearing someone else’s pants. Linsay’s little sister, Ali, has also come to the rescue, defending her big sis in an e-mail to In the e-mail, Ali blames their father for Lindsay’s behavior and the consequences of fame. But she says, “Lindsay will be fine she is just going through a rough time right now but she will be fine.”